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If you want to feel the old atmosphere of Luang Prabang before the flocking of tourists, Chiangkhan today might offer you something which is close, in my opinion. Lying 48 km north of the center of Loei Province is this lovely town ashore the great Mekong River. The long-known natural attraction of Chiangkhan, Kaeng Kud Koo in the middle of Mekong River, seems to now be surpassed by the mix of old houses and newly built little homestay-style guesthouses on Chai Khong Road which runs along the Mekong River bank. Once known to only a handful of backpackers, mostly western tourists, in the past two years the locals have seen more of young Thai tourists coming to Chiangkhan in search for an easy-going trip just like one they used to expect from Pai many yeras ago. With the rate of change in the past few months, it starts to worry some that how long this place will remain this charm before turning into another "Pai." Note: Chiangkhan District has just celebrated its 100-year anniversary of establishment during Decemebr 5-6, 2009.


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