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Since born on May 27, 2009, the first baby panda ever born in Thailand has once again brought back the "PANDAMANIA" atmosphere back to millions of Thai hearts. After name voting campaign through postcards, the little panda girl got the name "Lhin Ping" just a few weeks ago. And as Lhin Ping turned 101 days old on September 4, the Chiang Mai Zoo put on a celebration which allow special up-close viewing of Lhin Ping to the public only from September 4-6, two times each day: 10:00 and 15:30. I happened to be in Chiang Mai on the day Lhin Ping turned 103 days old and did not missed the chance to meet and greet the whole family of panda: Chuang Chuang - the dad, Lhin Hui - the mom, and Lhin Ping - the cute little baby.


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Day 103 Little Panda
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